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House Calls

Quality Veterinary Care in Your Home
Serving Seattle's Eastside since 1986
Dr. K. S. Tomfohrde, DVM
Redmond, WA 98053
(425) 765-9100

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Streak "Hi, my name is Streak." Simba
"And my name is Simba."
We'd like to tell you about a great small animal veterinary service which
provides you the best care right in your home.

It's called House Calls

Dr. Tomfohrde comes right to your home to provide all the routine care you
usually have to go to a hospital to get. You remember going to the hospital;
that long car ride, trembling in the waiting room with other strange animals,
and being lifted onto that big cold steel table. And worst of all remember
those most embarrassing moments when you just couldn’t hold it any longer?
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